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3D Changeable Magnetic Magic Cube For Kids Puzzle Cube Antistress Toy

3D Changeable Magnetic Magic Cube For Kids Puzzle Cube Antistress Toy

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Experience the ultimate satisfaction with our 3D Changeable Magnetic Magic Cube for Kids Puzzle Cube Antistress Toy! Unlike other puzzle boxes, this fidget cube contains 36 rare earth magnets that allow you to create over 70 different shapes. With a comfortable design that fits perfectly in your hand, you can enjoy hours of mind-challenging fun while unleashing your limitless creativity! Don't settle for disappointment and dullness when you can have endless possibilities with our innovative puzzle cube.

Crafted with high-quality injection-mold plastic, 36 powerful rare earth magnets, and a durable, tear-resistant surface in your choice of matte or high-gloss finish. Every magnetic puzzle showcases 4 stunning, one-of-a-kind designs of vivid and mesmerizing artwork, creating a constantly evolving display of beauty right at your fingertips.
With the strong internal magnet system of our fidget puzzle boxes, you can connect multiple magnetic cubes to build even larger structures and sculptures – for the ultimate satisfying magnetic fidget toy and brain teaser. Collect all 9 designs to create vibrantly patterned, spellbinding 3D art!

Our magnetic magic cubes offer the perfect balance of sensory stimulation and entertainment for individuals of all ages. Each satisfying click and shape-shifting motion provides a calming and therapeutic experience, relieving stress and soothing nerves.
  • MC-1 flame
  • MC-2 Aquarelle
  • MC-3 Infinite Space
  • MC-4 Blue Seawater
  • MC-5 Peacock Feather
  • MC-6 starry sky blue
  • MC-7 starry sky purple
  • MC-8 starry sky red
  • MC-9 starry sky green
  • MC-10 dinosaur
  • MC-11 Galaxy


Material: Plastic (ABS)
Size: 6×6×6cm
Age Range: ≥4 years old

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