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Climbing Arch / Rocker with Pillow

Climbing Arch / Rocker with Pillow

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Pillow Option

Climbing Arch / Rocker with Pillow

You can select the climbing arch/rocker pillow design.


Unleash your child's full potential with our Montessori Climbing Arch and Pillow set! This high-quality furniture is crafted from natural birch plywood and linden tree, providing the perfect tool for building balance, gross motor skills, coordination, and awareness. Watch your child thrive as they develop their learning abilities through play.

The Montessori Gym for babies is a sturdy and effortless setup, made from all-natural materials that ensure the safety of your little ones. They can crawl and play with this set as they start walking, providing endless joy for your child.

Discover the Climbing Arch / Rocker with Pillow, a Montessori furniture set designed to enhance balance skills, awareness, gross motor skills, and coordination. Made from natural birch plywood and linden tree, this sturdy and simple-to-install set is ideal for your child's early learning development.

Climbing Arch / Rocker (LARGE) - 112cm length x 55cm height x 70cm width / 44" length x 21.5" height x 27.5" width

Rocker Pillow (LARGE) - 145cm length x 8cm height x 68cm width / 57" length x 3.2" height x 26.8" width

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