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Kids Electronic Cognitive Cards Talking Flash Cards Audio Books

Kids Electronic Cognitive Cards Talking Flash Cards Audio Books

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Discover the colorful world with these brilliant Kids Electronic Cognitive Cards! Stimulate children's learning and improve reading, vocabulary, and perception through vivid patterns and rich content. These educational audio books satisfy kids' curiosity and ignite their imagination with a diverse range of vocabulary. Get your child excited to learn with these amazing toys!



  1. The kids toys contain 112 sight words flash cards - 224 words. Discover the fascinating world of animals, vehicles, foods, fruits, colors, vegetables, daily necessities, costumes, nature, persons, jobs, and shapes with this amazing product. Watch as your child recognizes, reads, and spells common words, leading to significant improvement in their reading skills.
  2. Entertains and Educates! - Ignite your child's curiosity with this interactive preschool learning tool! Our talking flash cards feature lifelike animal and car sounds, allowing kids to not only learn vocabulary but also recognize and identify creatures and vehicles. With these fun and educational cards, learning becomes an exciting adventure that improves memory and sparks a love for knowledge. (Some cards do not have sound effects.)
  3. Enhanced Eye Safety - With no electronic screen or internet needed, this early learning device prioritizes the protection of our children's eyesight and minimizes radiation exposure. Its expressive pronunciation adds a fun and engaging element, making it simple for toddlers to retain new vocabulary. Prepare for lively and engaging learning!
  4. Experience Fun and Bonding Time with Family - Nurture positive emotions and relationships with this educational toy set that comes in a convenient portable box. Perfect for playing with classmates at school or at home. Join in on the learning and excitement together!
  5. A perfect present for young boys and girls aged 2-6 years old - Our preschool-themed audio books are crafted from child-friendly materials that are non-toxic and harmless, ensuring safety for little ones. Plus, with rounded corners and a waterproof coating, they make an ideal gift for Children's Day, birthdays, and more!


  • Material: ABS, paper
  • Dimensions: 107*90*21mm
  • Color: Pink, Blue
  • Suggested Age: 0-6 years old baby
  • Input Voltage: 5V
  • Input Current: 270mA
  • Rated Power: 1W
  • Battery Capacity: 300mAh
  • Charging Time: 80 Minutes
  • Play Time: 4-5 hours


  • 112 Pcs cards, total 224 words:
  • Animal x 56; Daily necessities x 31
  • Vehicles x 25; Foods x 21
  • Fruits x 18; Vgetables x 17
  • Costumes x 16; Nature x 10
  • Color x 9; Person x 8
  • Jobs x 8; Shapes x 5
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