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PacaBuddies Stuffed Alpaca Toys

PacaBuddies Stuffed Alpaca Toys

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A PurelyAlpaca EPacaBuddies Plush Stuffed Alpaca Toys are the cutest things !

This cute little herd makes the perfect alpaca lover gift. Take one to the office to keep you company. Of course alpacas do not like to be alone so you might want to get a complete set!

Paca Buddies ready to go to your house!

Get some before they are gone!

Our PacaBuddies are trying to break into the movie business.  See their first video:

Jax and Lovey go on a Grand Road Trip Adventure in July, 2015:


The supply of these adorable stuffed alpaca toys is limited.

For ages 3 and up.

Size: 10" tall 

Materials: Plush toy. Polyester shell, fill


PacaBuddies Dress Up

We've been having too much fun dressing up Jax and Lovey our PacaEmbassadors!  We'd love to see how you dress up your PacaBuddies!  
(Currently dress up clothes are not available for purchase but we found ours at a local crafts shop.)

Christmas Time at PurelyAlpaca!

 Merry Christmas From Jax and Lovey

                              Merry Christmas!

The Christmas Kiss

                       The Christmas Kiss! 

pacabuddies ski with snowman

                         Ski Trip to Mt Baldy, CA! 


pacabuddies christine santa

Two of Santa's little helpers


Trick or Treat!

SuperJax WonderLovey 

             SuperJax                  WonderLovey

GroveyMan Peace and Lovey

      GroveyMan                  Peace and Lovey


Princess Lovey


All PacaBuddies outfits courtesy of Michael's Arts and Crafts.

How would you dress up your Stuffed Alpaca Animal?

Now also available!

Now also available! See Optional PacaBuddies Sweaters!

Shop Optional PacaBuddies Sweaters!

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