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Climbing Arch / Rocker and White Star Pillow

Climbing Arch / Rocker and White Star Pillow

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Discover the limitless possibilities of our Climbing Arch and Rocker combo, designed to enhance your child's wooden swing set. The Climbing Arch ignites their motor skills as they effortlessly conquer its challenge. And when it's time to unwind, the soothing sway of the Rocker will bring a sense of calm to their active playtime. Plus, the White Star Pillow adds a touch of whimsy and comfort for snuggling during quiet moments. Made with durable materials, this accessory pack delivers endless fun and relaxation for both kids and parents!

  • With the addition of the Rocker, children can enjoy a soothing back and forth motion as they rest after climbing
  • The White Star Pillow adds comfort and style, making it an attractive addition to your backyard or playground area
  • These accessories promote imaginative play, physical activity, and relaxation
  • All important components of healthy childhood development

Climbing Arch / Rocker and White Pillow

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