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UNiPLAY Platform with 124pcs Soft Building Blocks (#UB014)

UNiPLAY Platform with 124pcs Soft Building Blocks (#UB014)

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From Soft heart (soft material), turning to strong experience.

Experience a vibrant visual and tactile experience with UNiPLAY's 124-piece soft building blocks set! These durable blocks are perfect for outdoor play and can be easily cleaned, making them great for group play anywhere, anytime. Let your senses come alive as you build and create with others!

UNiPLAY encourages children to have fun and learn in a secure setting, while also sparking their creativity, fostering teamwork, and nurturing imagination. We firmly believe that every child deserves to flourish in a welcoming atmosphere. With careful attention, children can develop, grow, and discover the joy and wisdom of playing with our products.

  • Focusing on recreational safety by using antiseptic materials for all products.
  • Suitable for Babies more than 3 months old.
  • Training hand muscle, hand and eye coordination and brain development.
  • Multicolor element enhance color cognitive and visual development.
  • Food grade antibacterial materials Passed European safety regulation. 


★Soft material and special size suitable for babies more than 3 months old.

★Add Japanese Food grade antibacterial agents.

★Products are easy to clean regardless of range of use in family or school.

★Early education level, suitable for home and kindergarten, perfect as gifts.



★Multicolor products help stimulate the baby brain development and color recognition.

★Perfect matching between every piece; promote the development of muscle and fine motor skills.

★Through playing with soft building blocks, children / infants may build self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment.

★Training of attentional focus. Improve logical thinking. Promote innovation and imagination.


UNiPLAY Soft Building Blocks Platforms

Unleash your creativity with the Soft Building Block Platform, included in the 124pcs Soft Building Blocks (#UB014). Versatile and easy to install on any flat surface, this platform allows for endless building block constructions and expands the possibilities of play. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to unlimited fun!

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