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White Stars Pillow for Climbing Arch

White Stars Pillow for Climbing Arch

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White Stars Pillow

As KIDODIDO, we design safe, original and completely ecological products in order to contribute to your child's active and happy growth process, and as KIDODIDO, we work hard to ensure the same quality in every product you buy.

  • We pass our products through different quality control processes by a competent team in raw material, production and supply stages.
    We make sure that the raw materials, connectors and all other natural ingredients used in our products are subjected to the necessary certification processes.
  • We select all our products from child-safe materials.
  • We use natural raw cotton in all of our products, which is not harmful to health.
  • We take care that none of our products contain harmful components such as varnish, paint, and polish.
  • We take care that the inner filling and outer texture of our pillows do not contain any harmful products.
  • Our products are constantly subjected to R&D processes to be improved. Our products are delivered to you by designing, structurally and visually, by being controlled to the finest detail.
  • We add the products developed in all these processes to the product range by first observing them in the use of our own children.
  • We complete the testing, product development, application, quality control and supply processes of our products by a highly trained and conscious team and deliver them to you.
  • We support all products sold in our store with total quality standards, after-sales service and 100% customer satisfaction.

PACKAGE CONTENT: Patterned Cushion for Climbing Arch.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The filling is Beaded fiber and the outer surface is raw cotton fabric.

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